Current Project Information

Community project for Soken!

To celebrate Soken's birthday and his 10th year working on Final Fantasy XIV, we brainstormed within the community for a while trying to think what we could do. We knew we wanting to do something with audio but with time ticking we had to keep it feasible. So although we came up with some great ideas, some will have to be saved until we have more time to produce ;) In the end, the following was put together:

We want you to submit the following:


1: An audio message to Soken. (Text also accepted, please read below)
(English/Japanese only - you can submit text if you have no way of recording your voice. However a simple mic that you use for discord etc and Audacity which is a free program, would be enough as audio is our main goal also perhaps even a recording from your mobile. Playing an instrument etc on the audio submission is also more than welcome)


2: An image of your character in 'The Primals' like glamour (Please use: Scion's Adventurer's Jacket  dyed black).
(We will use these images in something special to mark his 10th year working on XIV. We will likely be photoshopping everyone's character together so please take a screenshot with good lighting.)



We understand some people may be apprehensive about submitting their voice, but this project will not be public for listening/viewing. We have some volunteers who are willing for their submissions to be public so everyone can get an idea of how the final piece looks.

Deadline December 16th   Submit here